Basic CMYK

Hey folks! As of August 2, 2016 Zombie Boy Comics celebrates 6 years online! Wow, it seems like only yesterday (ok, no it seems like six years) that I started producing a comic strip featuring Zombie Boy. You can read that very first strip here. Making this strip over the years has been lot of fun, I’ve improved my drawing and writing skills, and I’ve met so many super people and wonderful creators who I now consider very good friends! Thanks to all of you who have stuck with me over these last six years and to you new readers who are just discovering the unlife of America’s Favorite Undead Adolescent! I appreciate your readership, and I’ll continue to try to create something that you want to keep coming back to read.

And if that weren’t enough, next year Zombie Boy will celebrate his 30th year as a character!┬áCan you imagine that, because I never could!