Well, I finally hit the 10 year mark of creating Zombie Boy Comics!  TEN YEARS! AN ENTIRE DECADE! People like to wax eloquently about how time flies when you’re doing something you love, but that ain’t true! I’ve dedicated ten solid years to this work in progress known as Zombie Boy Comics. 

A lot has happened in the decade since I began to subject people to my little square boxes. I can’t exactly remember all the comic strips I’ve created over the last decade, but I can remember the work that went into each of them. As many creators will tell you, coming up with an idea is the easy part. Transforming that idea into art and story is hard work. It can be daunting, especially when you look back after ten years and look at what you’ve accomplished.

I’m proud of this comic strip. I’ve created characters that are close to my heart and who I’m certain truly created themselves. A lot of cartoonists can understand about how sometimes you have to get out of the way and let them do their thing. Zombie Boy gathered around him a great group of friends who have kind of become my friends, too.

You readers have been with me along the way as I’ve taken you into space, to the center of Earth, 400 million years into the past, inside the human body on a microscopic level, and into the Afterlife. You’ve journeyed with me as I sent you rummaging under leaves into the world of bugs, and even when I threw in doses of magic and voodoo for good measure. And thanks to your support, I picked up a Harvey Award nomination along the way. It’s been a rousing journey of discovery for myself as a creator and I’m thankful that you readers have been with me along the way. Where to now? Only my imagination knows, but I’m all in! I can promise it will be a fun ride!