In what may be the tardiest Kickstarter reward fulfillment ever, I present my most ambitious animated comic strip yet featuring the Robinson family.

The Robinsons were sponsors of my Kickstarter at the “Little Brother Voodoo” level, the highest tier, which included a special double-size animated comic strip featuring the sponsor in the strip.

John, Carol, and Jimi Robinson have been my friends and supporters for many years, going back to the Dallas Fantasy Fair years in the late 80’s. Carol quite aptly managed the pro suite and kept everything prepped with snacks and drinks and, of course… sweet gerkins! I got to know Carol, her husband John and son Jimi in those formulative years of my life as a professional cartoonist, and they have always been a supportive part of my life. The Robinsons have always welcomed me to their social events (notably their annual Christmas Tree bonfire, a legendary event when they send a pile of Christmas Trees Past to tree Valhalla in a blaze of glory) and we’ve made some great memories together.

Years ago I made a drawing of a happy family scene featuring John and Carol battling each other in giant exo-suits, while an annoyed young Jimi looks on, and I knew this special comic had to be an homage to that crazy concept. Jimi has grown up since this original cartoon, and made a name for himself as a weirdo performer in Vegas, as Bizzaro Galore.

I send out a mountain of thanks to John, Carol and Jimi for their infinite patience with me for stalling so long to fulfill their Kickstarter reward. I hope you guys like the current incarnation of the BFR concept, with love and affection!