The Zombie Boy Comics Kickstarter is FUNDED! I can’t tell you all how much your contributions and support mean to me! This could never have happened without you guys! There are so many people that I want to thank – Bill Murphy, Tim Green, Wouter F. Goedkoop, Jon Esparza, David Hurley, Jande Rowe, Bearman, Jynksie, Mat Washburn, J.P. Keslensky, P.J. Day, Stephen Beals, Saeed Faridzadeh, George Ford, Josh Hauke, Daniel Barton, Jack Kent, Drewvis, Leroy Brown, Josh Hughes, Jesse Kiefer, Chris Zalucki, Aidan Casserly, Tom Falco, Roland Perez, Tom Truszkowski, Tony McGurk, Michael Corley, Julian Hooker, Vince Dorse, Charles Dowd, Joseph D. Rodriguez, Peter Marinacci, Robin Childs, Madeleine Holly-Rosing, Kristie Silva, Brian Dunaway, Joel Duggan, Matt Ducharme, Amber Dalcourt, and Josh Hawkes, among many others. I’ll eventually get around to thanking each and every one of you! Now that Zombie Boy Vol. 1: Some Kind of Horrible is funded, the real work begins! I’ve got a book to get to the printer and a lot of extra art to do! It will be work, but the fun kind of work!