Zombie Boy and Gorr by Josh Hughes

Zombie Boy and Gorr by Josh Hughes

Josh Hughes is a cartoonist’s cartoonist. Everything the guy draws just sparkles with fun! Thanks so much Josh for gifting me and my readers with this amazing illustration! I just wonder at your wondrous talent, and really dig your rendition of Zombie Boy and Gorr. Bravo!

Josh has two strips online, Atomic Terrier is a high-flying space adventure filled with aliens, enormous space creatures, space pirates, and a cast of lovable characters that’s a joy to read! It buzzes with unbound creativity, and updates on Mondays and Thursdays.




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Josh’s other strip follows the adventures of two robot brothers, The Bot Brothers, and it’s filled with phantasmagoric creatures pulled from the deep well of Josh’s bottomless imagination. Each strip is a delight, funny and spectacularly rendered. It updates on Wednesdays. Don’t miss either of these amazing strips, I guarantee you’ll love them!



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Follow Josh on Twitter: @AtomicTerrier