Don Ahe-ZB

Zombie Boy and Gorr by Don Ahé

One of the things that thrills me the most about doing a webcomic is when an artist I admire and respect illustrates one of my characters. Don Ahé made my day when he informed me that he had created a drawing of Zombie Boy for me. To say I was excited when I saw it would be an understatement! There is such a joy in Don’s line and color that just soaks through everything he does!

Don has truly captured the spirit of classic comics in his thoroughly delightful online strip, Road Apples Almanac. Aldous Otter escaped a stressful and mysterious past and found refuge on a farm in the country, together with his faithful canine Shep, and a rooster named Doc. Don has crafted a wonderful adventure that updates three times a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Road Apples Almanac is an all-ages strip that has something to delight everybody!

Thank you so much, Don!


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If you’d like to watch Don at work on a Road Apples Almanac strip, watch it here. You can also see Don’s work at Fiction Fables.


Follow Don on Twitter: @rdapplesalmanac