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Zombie Boy appears in two wonderful Halloween-centric strips this year. First, Neftali Rivera, author and artist of Midtoon, drops the little rapscallion in his latest strip in a most creative way! Javier Campos finds a perfect way to frighten his baby sister, Sofia, but Mom’s not too thrilled about it! You can see that strip here. Midtoon is a slice-of-life webcomic about the pains and joys of family and friendship, lovingly written and exquisitely illustrated by Nef. Visit his site and get to know his warm characters and admire his vibrant art!


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Clicke image to see Zombie Boy’s cameo at Urban Jungle


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Zack Wilson, dressed as Iron Man, and his adopted sheep brother, Chuck, rub elbows in a local pub with some familiar webcomic characters, including Zombie Boy, in a special Halloween strip you can see right here. This is the second time my pal, and fellow cartoonist, David Wilborn, creator and CEO of all things Urban Jungle, has put ZB in one of his strips. The first time was here, when ZB applied to become an office intern. Thanks so much, David!