Normally, this kind of strip would have been a royal pain to draw but I had so much fun rendering some of my favorite web comic characters as squeaky toys that it was a pleasure! This strip is a shout-out to all you wonderful people and fellow comic creators who have taken the time to stop by my site and reinforce me with your comments, contributions and support. I hope you guys will accept this special strip along with my utmost gratitude for your continued support and friendship!

Just so you can see a bit more detail, I’m enlarging the panels…

Thanks Stephen Beals (Cheesebo), Brian Anderson (Dog Eat Doug), Jenn (ChinChatComics), Tony McGurk (The Tasmanians), Frank M. Hansen (Animatic Press), Oskar van Velden (Mojo Comic), and Brian Little/Jeff Sandlin (End of the World).


More thanks to Javis Ray (Legacy Control), James Alvarez (The Obscure Gentlemen), Joshua Hauke (The Brothers Three), Jynksie (Madbury), Colm Ryan (Colmics), Lonnie Esterling (Spud Comics), Dawn Griffin (Zorphbert & Fred), Daniel Elliott (The Superpower Union), Jack Kent (Gulls Comic), Tim Green (Vinnie the Vampire), Peter Marinacci (Wombania), J.P. Keslensky (Bug Pudding), Jerry Benedict (Bunny Wiggins), Aidan Casserly (Scapula), Thomas Clemmons (Robot Friday), Chris Kile (Zany Comics), Will Terrell (Superzeroes), Saeed Faridzadeh (The Frumps), Brandon and Colin Oliver (TWXXD), Marieke Valstar (Monster Issues), Jande Rowe (Aedre’s Firefly), Leroy Brown (Icecubes), Warren Frantz (Off Season), Bearman (Bearman Cartoons), George Ford (Addanac City), Sareen Akharjalian (Ink on the Side), Carlo Ostrout (Life… After Death), Mike Bromage (Dustpiggies), Pancho (Porcpig), Hjörtur Hjartarson (Manic Comics), Eric Van Singel, Daniel Barton (Goober and Cindy), Gary B. (The Dog and Louse), Tom Truszkowski (Station V3),  Drewvis (Dog & Dave), Dr. X, Miguel Hernandez/Corwyn Collier/Michelle Hernandez (Alpha Ballistic, Pen Hits the Pad), James Spence (Girls in Space), Michael R. Hawkins (The Amaizing Jim Corn), MC and Jen (Buttersword), Denny Fincke (Twit Troo of the Moon), Dave Crews (Roger’s Blues), and Tyler Gruhn (Forbidden Ferret).

Special mention goes to Todd McElmurry, David Cervi, Stephen Ramsey (Lake Nowhere), Jon Esparza (JonsCrazyStuff), Justin Babb (Jbabbcomics), Matt Gross (CAAATS!), Riley Schmitz,  and The Crimson Code!