One of the higher reward tiers for my Kickstarter was the “Hoodoo You Think You Are?” Level, which was a guest appearance by the pledger in a Zombie Boy comic strip. One of the biggest problems I had getting this strip finished was the crushing pressure I put on myself to make it “perfect.” That search for perfectionism literally paralyzed me from getting this strip done. For months I just put it aside hoping some earth-shaking inspiration would come to me, but the fact is that never happened. I had to just bite the bullet and create one of my regular strips and put Jonard in it. Once I figured that was my best option, it came together rather quickly.

I’d like to extend a super-huge, super-grateful thanks to my Kickstarter supporter, Jonard La Rosa, whose patience and support border on sainthood. Jonard was born and raised in Guam, and like me he’s been drawing since he can remember. By day, he’s a mild-mannered designer “who ponders accessibility solutions,” and by night he applies his creative energy on games, illustrations, and other art-related things. He is such a positive person, just consider it fortunate that he uses his powers for the good of humanity! Be sure to follow him on Twitter (@NotJoNacho)

Thanks, Jonard!