This strip has a painful story.

The original drawing for this strip was in my portfolio, and I had yet to scan it. I struck up a conversation with another artist at a convenience store, and they asked if they could see my work. I happened to have it with me, so I took my portfolio out, opened it up on the hood of my car, and gave an impromptu showing.

About six hours later I went to find that portfolio – it wasn’t in its usual spot! It was then that I realized that I had driven off, leaving my portfolio on the hood of my car! In a cold sweat I raced to the location I had shown the work, about ten minutes from my home. There is no way, I thought, that I was going to see that art again. Some random person is pawing through it right now, they probably couldn’t care less about the art, but hey, it was just lying there!

I stormed inside the store, panicked, asking “Has anyone turned in a portfolio?” “Have you seen it?” I don’t think the word “portfolio” meant anything to the clerks. I put my hands out to try to show the size and shape, “It’s black,” I blurted. There was a look in their eyes like they didn’t know what I was talking about. My heart began sinking. Then, one of the clerks reached over and pulled out my portfolio! I can’t tell you the relief I felt, even with the car tire crease on the cover. It was all there, all my art was still intact and OK. I guess someone had found it lying in the parking lot and was nice enough to bring it inside. The feeling was just like I had lost a child or something, the work meant that much to me.

So now you know the saga of “Brigand’s Lair.” And I learned a valuable lesson – no more “hood of my car” portfolio viewings!