Not only is JE Smith an artist, an auteur, a writer, a critic, and an overall visionary he is also my best friend! Way before I ever got into self-publishing, Jeff was producing fanzines, beginning with Cygnus in 1981, a fanzine which he changed the name to Wet Paint with issue #8. Jeff published 43 issues of this fan-favorite collector’s item. Jeff’s art is in a category all unto itself, he illustrated all the covers of his fanzines and they are each and every one a masterpiece! He also wrote/drew and published the comic book series, Bulletproof and Complex City (plus a Complex City trade paperback). Jeff creates great art, including sci-fi and horror posters and vivacous pin-ups. You can see his work at Never Comics.


I can’t say enough good things about Jeff. He’s a mighty powerful inspiration, the creator/producer of the web series, Stella B. and the Busted League, SideKICKED, the short horror film, Symphony, and the uproarious Star Trek spoof, Ronnie Redshirt. You can see these fab filmations on his YouTube channel, Bulldog TV. Bulldog is an apt description of Jeff himself, a tenacious creator who always does what he says and always finishes what he starts. 



His latest project is a slam-bang new Wet Paint, a gorgeous return to self-publishing, with 52 pages of articles and art by JE Smith, Steve Bissette, and other fan faves. PLUS, the first 99 copies will come with a value-added bonus, a full-color signed print by Jeff himself, celebrating a classic monster movie! You can order a copy for yourself here.

Jeff truly is inspiring and a creator well worth supporting. Pinky swear!