I’m proud to present a gallery of Zombie Boy Comics’ 10th Anniversary tribute art by some of the finest creators to transform imagination into art. It’s truly humbling that these wonder-makers took the time to create something to celebrate my decade of ZB comic strips! To see my characters through the eyes of other creators is a thrill like no other! So without further ado (or further adon’t) gaze at the genial jubilee generously generated by a gang of gifted art generators for a decade of comic strip creation! A super huge thanks to all of ya’s!


Dave Tosh (click to enlarge)


Dave Tosh is a dear and lifelong friend. Many years ago we shared a studio together. The creativity that came out of that place was amazing and still resonates to this day! Over the many years of our friendship, Dave and I have worked on numerous projects together and it is always a thrill! Not only is Dave a tremendous creator, writer, artist, musician, he also has carved a name for himself in publishing. He is one of the earliest influencers in the mini-comics scene, often referred to as “The King of Mini-Comics,” and many of his publications are now considered classics. He is also the author of Rise of the Superheroes: Greatest Silver Age Comic Books and Charactersand editor of the Eisner Award-nominated Walt Kelly’s Fables and Funnies. His most recent book is Jumbo Mumbo, a collection of his popular zine, Mumbo.

Dave has been around Zombie Boy in all his incarnations, and I’m thrilled to see this page out of his sketchbook (pursuing a Dave Tosh sketchbook is a true experience, let me tell you). Thanks so much, Davo!

You can find Dave on Facebook and Instagram.



Crispin Wood (click to enlarge)


Uber-talented Crispin Wood is a cartoonist’s cartoonist. His work is distinctive and potent – there’s absolutely no denying a Crispin Wood line and color! Crispin is the mastermind behind the online comic strip, Small Blue Yonder, still going strong since 2013. He’s the publisher of the SBY collections: Black and White Comics from the Early Days, Colorful Days, More, This Book Has Nothing to Do with Snowstorms, and Hungry?.  He has also published It Keeps Changing, an interactive graphic novel.

Crispin’s view of a grizzled cast of Zombie Boy and his ancient friends is priceless! His octogenerianated Zombie Boy crew is an absolute hoot! It’s the little details that count, down to the wrinkled spots on the dino. I can’t say thanks enough for this treasure, Crispin!

You can find Crispin on his website, Small Blue Yonder, Twitter and Instagram.



Jamie Cosley (click to enlarge)


Jamie Cosley’s work is pure joy. Every one of his lines just sings with a joyous energy! No one can endear you to characters more, and he’s one of the most generous creators out there. His generosity has been given to big kahunas, too, like Highlights, Star Wars Insider Magazine, WDW Magazine, Topps and Upper Deck. Together with his son, Tyler, the writer/artist team has recently published BlueScar the Barbarian. Thanks so mucho, Jamie, I LOVE it!

You can find Jamie on his website, Twitter and Instagram.



Mat Washburn


Mat Washburn is the brilliant creator of Evan Yeti, one of the most innovative comic strips out there. His eclectic creative prowess includes music composition for film, television and video games, creating mobile games (Save Baby James), and sculpting. This minifigure of Zombie Boy he hand crafted blew me away! He really captured the attitude and detail on such a small scale! Thank you Mat, for this amazing work of art!

You can find Mat on his website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Joe Gillespie (click to enlarge)


Joe Gillespie and I have been online buds for a while now. He’s the proprietor and Chief Creative Officer of the creation factory, 4545 Creative, and an awfully nice guy, to boot. His first children’s book, My Father Wrestles Alligators, was recently funded on Kickstarter. It’s chock full of crazy tales and super art, a win-win all around. Thanks for contributing to my celebration, Joe, you’re the best!

You can find Joe at his website, FacebookTwitter and Instagram.



Juanele Tamale (click to enlarge)


I’ve been a fan of Juanele Tamal’s work from the moment I first saw it, and how could I not be? One look at his clean, flowing lines and his joyful characters and it’s love at first sight! Juanele has been a professional cartoonist in Mexico since 2009, and his work has been published internationally. He’s currently in the finishing stages of an autobiographical comic, Pet-posterous. Thank you so much, Juanele, it’s a gem!


You can find Juanele on his website, Moco Comics, Twitter and Instagram.



Esa Holopainen (click to enlarge)


Esa Holopainen is a true craftsman, whether he’s working with wood or lines and color. I first encountered Esa’s work in his native Finnish language, and although I couldn’t understand what was being said, his art captivated me. His work in featured in newspapers and magazines and his webcomic, The Neighbors has been online since 2004. He has also published several books including the children’s book, Pavel. Esa is also a teacher of woodworking and cartooning. Thank you, Esa, for this super work of art!


You can find Esa on his website, Twitter and Instagram.



Dana Atnip (click to enlarge)


Dana Atnip brings a quality to comics that makes us other creators want to raise our game. Her art is fun, heartfelt, dramatic and filled with little flourishes that make it so good. Her interstellar web comic series, Galactic Dragons, is a rousing tale of space adventure, intrigue, with social issues and a lot of good humor thrown in! She’s a crack shot writer and her art is some of the best out there. She even made ol’ Zombie Boy look lovable! This made my day, Dana, thanks so much!


You can find Dana at Galactic Dragons, Twitter, and Instagram.



Kim Belding (click to enlarge)


Kim Belding just may be the fastest and most prolific cartoonist alive right now. His work appears on his own site, Pic Pak Dog, and in numerous enumerations all over the web. When he’s not creating something spectacular for his own comic strip or online, he storyboards and animates for the animated children’s television series, Louis Says. Kim’s work is a joy to behold and I’m ever grateful to Kim for this inimitable art!


You can find Kim at Pic Pak Dog, Twitter, and Instagram.



Jon Esparza (click to enlarge)


Where do I begin to talk about Jon Esparza? Not only is he enormously talented and inspiring, he’s one of the greatest champions of creators online. Jon was one of the earliest friends I made when I began posting Zombie Boy Comics online, and he’s been a busom buddy ever since. Jon is the creator of the Cravyverse, where resides Mike and Mindy, and the denizens of Peppertown, and also Bubble Fox, one of the wackiest comic strips out there. Jon makes a homage to Little Shop of Horrors with Zombie Boy as Seymour and his own-man-eating plant Norbert as Audrey II. Thanks for this great piece, Jon!

You can find Jon at Jons Crazy Tweets, Bubble Fox, and Twitter.




Rob Chambers is the creator of the humorous sword and sorcery webcomic, MeatShield, inspired by roleplaying games such as Dungeons & Dragons, online since 2009. He and I are also members of the NCS Texas Chapter, Texas Cartoonists, and I’ve gotten to know Rob more since he moved to Texas several years ago. Thank you, Rob for your wonderful rendering of  a megalomanical kid zombie and Gorr!


You can find Rob at MeatShield, Twitter and Instagram.