January 24, 2020 marked my 10th year on Twitter! I can’t say enough great things about Twitter and how much it has affected me over the last ten years. I resisted Twitter at first and as usual was one of the last people to hop on the Twitter bandwagon. It was like falling into Wonderland when I finally became immersed in it. It has provided me with a super opportunity to introduce myself and my work to the world and it became somewhat of a artistic refuge for me to explore and stretch my wings.

I want to thank all the great friends and followers who have stuck with me this past decade. I’ve met so many wonderful people and creators who have engaged me, inspired me, made me laugh, challenged me, supported me, kept me motivated, and helped me create some of the best work I’ve created in my life.

I’d love to hear from some of you Twitter folks here in the comments section. It would be nice to archive some of y’alls thoughts about Twitter, as well.