This is what happens when you yap too much! I met Chris Flick at the 2016 Baltimore Con, and I mentioned to him how much I’ve appreciated his many contributions to the business side of tabling at conventions, and it inspired Chris to publish his latest masterwork, The Essential Capes & Babes. This 250 page treasure trove of choice Flick Capes & Babes comic strips includes “A Beginner’s Guide to Tabling at Conventions,” sixty pages packed with pro advice from someone who has tons of first-hand experience. It’s recommended reading for anyone who wants to make the most of their convention tabling experience. Chris graciously asked me to write the foreword for this terrific tome, and I did the best I could.


I’ve been a fan of Chris Flick for many years now, becoming especially familiar with him through his involvement with the Webcomic Alliance and their amazing podcast, a tremendous resource for comic creators. Chris is a consummate creator, a graphic design veteran, generous with his talent and knowledge, a podcast personality, a man to be reckoned with on many levels!


And as an added bonus, Chris graced my copy of his latest masterwork with this drawing of Roy and Zombie Boy. It couldn’t just stay in there, it HAD to be shared! Monstrously good, don’t you think? (I especially love the Grinch-like feet he gave ZB!) Thank you, Chris!