Since I was a young cartoonist, I’ve had three great desires. I want to win a Harvey Award, an Eisner Award and a Reuben Award. As a cartoonist working diligently for over 30 years, I’d say I’ve earned at least a right to be considered for each of these. I’ve been producing Zombie Boy since 1987, previously as a series of comic books, and as a weekly online comic strip for almost six years. I’ve put my heart and soul and fingers into this strip with the same steely determination of any syndicated comic strip artist. I’ve never missed a deadline and I always strive to produce my best work possible. It may not be a big financial win for me, but it brings me great satisfaction to produce the strip and I have a dedicated following.

I know it is bold of me to ask, but please consider nominating me for a Harvey Award for Best Online Comics Work this year. I realize that there are many other great creators to choose from, but I’d really appreciate it if this year you could vote for one of us out here in the trenches who could use a little affirmation for all our solitary years at the drawing board. A Harvey Award honors excellence in the comics industry. If excellence means doing your best job every time, striving to make better work, and never settling for less than you are capable, I will let me work speak for me. I’d really appreciate your consideration if you are planning to vote this year. Thanks so much!