Found this letter in some ephemera from the estate of Bob Gustafson. It is a letter written by cartoonist Bill Yates describing his working process and what materials he uses. Cartooning students take note.


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Bill Yates cartoon for the Satuday Evening Post.

Bill Yates cartoon for the Satuday Evening Post.

Special thanks to Dave Wessels. See Dave’s amazing work on his blog.



Bill Yates (1921-2001)

Floyd Buford Yates (1921-2001) funny-man-cartoonist created Professor Phumble for King Features from 1960 to 1978, before assuming the position of comic strip editor for King Features Syndicate. At the end of 1988, Yates left his editorial position at King Features in order to spend full time cartooning. He continued to write Redeye and do both scripting and art on The Small Society, but increasing ill health forced his retirement from the strips in 1999.