As an art form, comics can’t be beat. You’d be hard-pressed to find a higher form of self-expression than in a combination of words and pictures produced from the mind and hand of a sole comic creator. The internet has opened the world’s playing field, giving many artists a forum to express themselves. Among them are a few fine female artisans who are creating some of the best art and story on the web. These women prove that talent, humor, courage, principle, and determination transcend gender. I’m a big fan of their work, and I’ve also found each of them to be wonderfully engaging people as well. So step aside, gentlemen, the ladies have the floor!





Andrea Hatch

Andrea Hatch is the creator of the eerie and enigmatic, Neau Comic, one of the most beautifully-illustrated comics online. Neau is a high fantasy comic about the struggle for good to triumph over evil. It tells the story of the world of Neaunaphar and its residents, which include a crab-clawed girl, horned demon dames, and plenty of dark magic for everyone! Each of Andrea’s panels is an exquisite little gem, crystallized by a combination of striking line and color. It updates twice a week at Neau Comic. Don’t miss an update, Andrea is an artist to watch out for!

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Sareen Akharjalian

Sareen Akharjalian is fearless. She tackles the object of her cartoon harder than any fullback and has absolutely no reservation about skewering whatever subject she has under her comedy microscope.

Living in Beirut, Lebanon provides her with limitless material to throw into her comic strips, which she does with great gusto! Word for word and line for line, Sareen is a world-class cartooning heavyweight champion! See her work at Ink on the Side and be prepared to laugh out loud.



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Dawn Griffin


Dawn Griffin is an artist wunderkind and a real Renaissance lady. She writes and illustrates the misadventures of two aliens disguised as Earth pets, Zorphbert & Fred, one of the funniest and most creative strips available online. She also illustrates the children’s book series, Abby’s Adventures. She’s a co-founder of the Webcomic Alliance, where contributes articles about the practical art and business aspects of webcomics, as well as co-hosting the entertaining and informative Webcomic Alliance podcast. I can’t say enough good things about Dawn, she’s a real treasure!

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Jande Rowe


Jande Rowe accomplishes something that is truly unique in the world of webcomics. She proves that a strip can pass beyond gag-a-day laughs, high-tech heroics, and snarky observations to a heartfelt place that is a genuine “experience.” Aedre’s Firefly opens the door into the daily life of Aedre, a young girl who seeks escape from the unwelcoming world she knows and runs away to another, perhaps better one. Jande takes us along on her emotional journey each Wednesday at Aedre’s Firefly.

Jande is also a fine artist, her oil and acrylic paintings can be found in homes in Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, the States, and Germany. She also paints digitally, and her works can be seen on her site.


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Jenn Li

Jenn Li, the powerhouse behind ChinChat Comics, has a magnificent sense of humor, and she’s not afraid to take risks with her strip. She tells the kind of jokes that she wants to tell, and has the art chops to create whatever setting her imagination wants to go.

ChinChat Comics follows the adventures of the darling chinchillas Shakepeare, Rolo, Toby, LingLing and their friends, and updates every Wednesday.

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Michelle Hernandez

Michelle Hernandez is the creator and artist of the whimsical Kat Day Care, a sweet strip about kittens Champion, Pageant, Buttercup, Rhythm, Douglas and J-Law along with Daycare owner, Kat. Michelle also enjoys painting, sewing and working with polymer clay, and is a lead artist at Pen Hits the Pad, a collective whose strips include Alpha Ballistic, and 4th Hanzo. You can see her work here.


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Robin Dempsey

Robin Dempsey is an amazingly gifted creator, first as a world builder and writer, then as visual director, her intricate work is crafted down to the finest detail and filled with rich color which perfectly sets the tone of each panel.

Robin’s epic fantasy adventure comic, Ley Lines, tells the story of three siblings Tama, Mizha and Zhiro, who search to solve the mystery behind their mother’s death. In their pursuit of the truth, they seek help from the ancient gods, help that is not given without a price. Ley Lines is built from the ground up, with its own language and mythology, it is a world unto itself. Robin began her comic in January 2011, and she updates on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at Ley Lines.
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Betsy Brock

The life of produce was never more entertaining than in Betsy Brock‘s delightful Fruit Comic. Betsy pencils, inks and colors each of her hilarious strips by hand, and they are a joy to behold!


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Alejandra Gámez


Playful and terrifying, whimsical and shocking, the work of Mexico City artist Alejandra Gámez is not easily forgotten. Lovecraftian monsters play with airplanes, magic is a way of life, hearts have their own troubles, Alejandra opens the door to a world where fantasy and reality intermingle, all carefully crafted in her distinctive style. Alejandra is a lover of good stories, regardless of whether they come in the form of comics, books or film. You can see Alejandra’s work at The Mountain with Teeth and on her Facebook page here.








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Elia Madrid


Elia Madrid creates a world unlike any other in her webcomic, Elia in a Box. Elia is a Performance major at UTA, and her hand-drawn work is a mix of theatrical, hilarious, thoughtful, dazzling, and just plain fun! Elia stars herself and her friends, Hannah K., her alter-ego Helga, and Lindsey B., and the strip is posted once a week at Elia in a Box.


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