I attended the 2012 STRIP Dallas Webcomics Expo on August 4 in Dallas, Texas and I thought I’d share some photos and experiences from the show. I had the pleasure of being on a panel “I Love Webcomics!” along with comic vet and funny guy, Mark Largent The Wannabe Pirates, the lovely Elia Madrid Elia in a Box , and the hilarious-in-person, Chris Jeffery Cartridge Comics. The discussion was lively, with plenty of laughs, as the audience got to know us. I could tell most of them had never heard of my comic and I made sure to repeat my URL as often as possible.

Jason Poland, creator of Robbie and Bobby


Strolling through the packed artist alley, I spoke with the gracious and talented Jason Poland, creator of the whimsical Robbie and Bobby.



Got my hands on a copy of his book, Robbie and Bobby Comic Collection, and he was kind enough to sketch a wonderful drawing of Zombie Boy along with Robbie and Bobby on the title page.


Zombie Boy meets Robbie and Bobby

Mark Largent of The Wannabe Pirates and Stalled Trek: Amutt Time

Mark Largent, co-creator of The Wannabe Pirates gave me a run down of his self-publishing comics experience starting in the 1990s and I bought a copy of the DVD he animated himself, Stalled Trek Amutt Time. This hysterical CGI Star Trek parody is a must-have for anyone who loves Captain Kirk and crew!


David Wilborn creator of Urban Jungle

David Wilborn creator of The Urban Jungle gifted me with a copy of his latest book, Tech Support is a Harsh Mistress, the fourth collection of his Urban Jungle webcomic as a thank you because Zombie Boy made a guest appearance in one of his strips. He also rendered a color sketch of Zombie Boy on the title page!

The Buchanan family

I also got to visit with Barry Buchanan, creator of the smart and funny Don’t Feed the Geek, his incredible wife, Cathy, and their two daughters, Emily and Grace. The Buchanans have been through some challenging days since I saw them last year at STRIP, and Barry and Cathy chronicled it in their book, That Time My Wife Had Breast Cancer: Or How We Spent Our Summer Vacation.