Click on image above to visit Tales of the Brothers Three

What’s big and orange with six legs, pink ears and a prickly tongue? Click over to Tales of the Brothers Three¬†and find out! Joshua Hauke asked me to contribute a guest strip for him, and I jumped at the chance to draw Keith, Wayne, Dougie, and, of course, the sock-swallowing Mook! My comic strip drawing hat is off to Josh for his tenacity as a cartoonist, it’s hard enough having to draw one character in each panel, let alone three brothers connected at the hips! My admiration for Josh’s work increased tenfold when I actually had to sit down and draw a strip with the boys in it! Monsters abound in the world of Brothers Three, so I decided I wanted to draw one, too. Thus was born a guest strip. Hop over and check it out! And while you’re at it, peruse Josh’s archives — lots of great adventures await you! “BRAAPPhHOORMPp!!”