Zombie Boy and Terry by Rolfe

If you’ve never read Mighty Monocle before, you need to rush immediately over to ROLFE’s site and check it out. Marvel at ROLFE’s delightful mastery of line, and laugh heartily at his quick wit and turn of phrase. A true pro in the world of cartoonists, ROLFE has had cartoons published in Punch, Private Eye, Readers Digest, The Spectator and The Times newspaper, where he was voted “The Times Newspaper Young Cartoonist of the Year.” ¬†Mighty Monocle marks his first foray into the world of webcomics, and it truly is a comic strip masterpiece.

I’m honored to have this drawing of Zombie Boy along with the Mighty Monocle’s crime-fighting partner, Terry. Thanks, ROLFE!

See ROLFE’s work at Mighty Monocle, and follow him on Twitter: mightymonocle