Gorr by Saeed Faridzadeh

Saeed Faridzadeh is the abominable mastermind behind those charming, colorful “Adorably Vulgar” The Frumps. The insane world of The Frumps is so pleasingly presented that it lulls you into a state of innocuous bliss… until that moment Saeed simultaneously pulls the rug out from beneath you and sledge hammers you with a punchline no weak-willed cartoonist would touch! This ain’t Garfield here, folks! Don’t let the charming innocence of Saeed’s plump little characters fool you. This is cutting edge comedy, and Saeed deftly treads on that tiny precipice between a guffaw and a gasp.

Saeed just might be the greatest Gorr fan in the world, and I’ve told him so on more than one occasion. Which makes this simply outrageous drawing of Zombie Boy’s best friend and lesser demon, Gorr, along with the Frumps extra special. Enjoy! I certainly do!