Zombie Boy by Miguel Hernandez

I’m quite proud to present this unique image of the Ju-Juvenile by Miguel Hernandez! Miguel (Masta8) is one of the founders of Pen Hits the Pad, and co-creator of the webcomic Alpha Ballistic, along with writer Corwyn Collier. Miguel is the penciler, inker and colorist. The third member of Pen Hits the Pad is Miguel’s sister, Michelle Hernandez (Celestial7), the creator and writer of the soon-to-be-released Cat Daycare.

Alpha Ballistic is the story of Lee Legend, an extraordinary man who juggles the responsibilities of a middle class family man with the overwhelming task of bringing order to a city in chaos. Alpha Ballistic is updated every Thursday, and these guys know how to rock some comic book panels with their adrenalin-inducing mix of action, great design and color!

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Miguel Hernandez: @Masta_Shinobi

Michelle Hernandez:  @Starrelish