Brad Anderson Rejection Note

I found this note attached with a rusty staple to a completely finished Marmaduke daily from 1958, and thought I would share it with you. The unassuming square of paper is a rejection note from an unknown syndicate editor giving the man behind Marmaduke, Brad Anderson, a kick in his acorns for his “preposterous” comic strip submission. Anderson began his strip in 1954, so this strip was created four years into its run, a run that has lasted almost 60 years and continues to this day. It just goes to show that no matter how high up into the mountains you climb, you still have to deal with a few critical Yetis along the way! I know this editor was just doing his job, but I have to say Mr. Anderson probably knows a thing or two about squeezing the juice out of a gag, and I thought the strip was perfectly fine as it was. Still, it’s a fun find, something you don’t see every day.