This one-of-a-kind photo from the personal collection of Bob Gustafson shows a stellar gathering of newspaper cartoonists on the occasion of Mort Walker‘s 40th birthday, on September 3, 1963. The picture was taken at the Milbrook Country Club in Greenwich, Connecticut during the time when Gustafson was assisting Walker with his strips Beetle Bailey and Hi and Lois. The cartoonists shown: (front kneeling) Jack Tippit, Bill Yates, Frank Roberge, Tony DiPreta, John Cullen Murphy, Gill Fox and in the center, Dik Browne; (standing) Bud Jones, Frank Johnson, Orlando Busino, Jerry Dumas, Mort Walker, Jerry Marcus, Dick Cavalli, Bob Weber, and Pulitzer winning editorial cartoonist, John Fischetti. According to notes, everyone made a drawing for Mort, and from the looks of the faces in the photo, all had a great time!

Mort Walker’s 40th Birthday – Collection of Bob Gustafson