I attended this year’s Dallas Webcomics Expo and had a great time. Lots of great webcomics and cartoonists there, including STRIP co-founder Jonathan Caustrita TikiColadas, Joel Watson Hijinksensue, Samantha Wikan Life’s a Witch, Michael Moreno, Rebecca Hicks Little Vampires, Mark Largent The Wannabe Pirates, and Kit Lively.


Barry and Cathy Buchanan

Spent quality time with Barry Buchanan and his lovely wife, Cathy. Barry is the creative mastermind behind DontFeedtheGeek.


Jonathan Caustrita had a darlin’ plushie of his bartendin’ bunny, Miles that was screamin’ to be picked up.






Leroy and Mara Brown


Also visited with Brian Powers liltoon, and Leroy Brown and his wife, Mara. Leroy writes and draws Icecubes, and was kind enough to give me an original rough sketch of one of his strips. Leroy works traditionally with dip pen on good old bristol board. You can see all the vitality that Leroy maintains in his lively art in the sketch he gave me.


Also chatted a bit with Hector Cantu, the writing genius behind the syndicated strip, Baldo. Also in the room was Barry Comp Reanimated Response and my old friend Shane Campos Racketeer Robot.

David Wilborn


Was able to get to know David Wilborn, the inhuman resource director and creator of the zany office satire Urban Jungle, as well as Brad Diller, former newspaperman and cartoonist for Funday Morning, a hilarious one-panel gag toon.


Brad Diller